In 2004 I did a photo-workshop with orphans in a little mountain-village in the south west of Bulgaria.

Each kid got a simple point-and-shoot camera. Every child shot about 5 to 8 rolls black & white film. Their pictures give us an intimate view in their life.

Each one is telling us his or her dreams, desires and ambitions.

In the end there was a beautiful exhibition made by the participants in the medieval mainstreet of the village.

See: Some images of the workshop.

An orphanage in the Rodopians

Tanio, Dean, Nely, Aiduan and Nevena (assistant) in photo laboratory developing prints

and some add’s up (could not resist):

Nely in the classroom with Nevena. (left: Sybille)

Shinka in the village

Photo-workshop in Shiroka Luka/Bulgaria 2004