books / prints

‘Dreamt books’, publishing without publishing. Available on the web in a digital version.

Publications in print I am working on are “The Treasure of Bucharest” (long term project) and “Liguria,

a history of migration” (only in Dutch)

  1. -Treasure of Bucharest, 2005/2006/2011...   (Click here for: Introducing text in concept)

  2. -Ligurië, geschiedenis van een migratie, 2012, a Blurbbook

  3. -from our I-Phone, series ‘privat album’, 2010

  4. -The world through our I-Phone, series ‘privat album’ in coöperation with E. Kingma, 2009

Dreamt books


prints of my work are always available: contact me

  1. -B&W analogue prints

  2. -Color direct printed from negative on photographic paper

  3. -Digital prints on archival paper