I really started to make video in Odessa 2007. Actually Yuri, one of the streetkids in my group, started by using the videofunction on my camera instead of making pictures what he was supposed to do.

So, as allways: I learned from them. I took some video-portraits becoming aware of the power of video. Poor technical quality but excactly fitting the nature of the project.

It is obvious that I am not looking for perfection in my video work; I love perfection - sure, but sometimes I choose for shabby.

My very first video a year earlier in Chisinau, capital of Moldova.

And later on in 2006 and 2008 revisiting Odessa.

  1. -Ballet of the steam rolling mills, Chisinau 2006

In my project ‘Baluty-Baluty” (Lodz/Poland, 2010) I used video as an essential part in the project. I used a very simple video camera with the size and the shape of een mobile phone: the Zi8 HD videocamera from Kodak. Surpising quality! That’s not what you can say about my English in this two videos.... Sorry for that!

Two examples.

  1. -Visiting Beate and Ania at ul. Przodowników Pracy in Baluty

  2. -Visiting Lukasz, Ada and Fela

And here during the project Baluty-Baluty a touching video made by my assistant Gosia Martynelis. Gives “a slice of life” and a good impression of one of the moments in the project. Adrian gets his camera.

- Adrian’s first steps as a photographer

During my stay in Poland I took also several other videos. At random.

Two examples: One very short (Snow in Lodz) And one for the ones with patience: Three in one, experimental (avantgarde) music.

  1. -Snow in Lodz. March 2010

  2. -The Worm Songs part 1

  3. -The Worm Songs part 2

Just uploaded, a remembrance from Odessa 2008. A sentimental journey. For me at least.

  1. -Poem_07_painting_a_stool_Odessa_2008